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Company Introduction

Authentic Manufacturer of Insulated Bearings - Qingdao Rensheng Huida

Qingdao Rensheng Huida Trading Co. Ltd. is recognized as one of the leading Insulated Bearings manufacturer and suppliers from China. We firmly adhere to bring high quality Insulated Bearings according to the international standards and industrial norms. We are devoted to provide our esteemed customers with best quality Insulated bearing products that commit durability and reliability. We hold four manufacturing factories with technologically advanced equipment backed with professional grade technicians, a strong workforce, and R & D personnel. Our product line fits in the demanding like engineering, automobile and food industry with successfully meeting the diverse needs of every industry.

Our Products

Rensheng Huida Trading excels its name as one of the professional Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers. We are manufacturing the best quality Rubber conveyor belt, conveyor accessories along with Insulated bearings. We also have a reputed name in manufacturing large many industrial products including diverse bearing products, Insulated bearings, grease, and rubber accelerators etc. Huida Trading understands the varying needs of our diverse clientele and provides them the exact products that they are looking for.

Strict Quality Inspection

Qingdao Rensheng has a controlled quality check after the industrial and commercial Insulated Bearings are manufactured. All our bearing products go through a strict quality inspection system that ensures optimum functioning and guarantees years of reliability. What makes our professional enterprise unique is the presence of ultra modern technology that goes hand in hand with changing need of many industries. Food industry opts for conveyor belts, and insulated bearings that confirm hygiene whereas automotive and other engineering industries are in search for rigid, functioning and heat resistant conveyors.

Production Capacity

RSHD Industrial has the potential and production capacity of all categories of Insulated Bearings to manufacture and supply the demanded products in minimum time with guaranteed performance. With great production potential, we excel in taking care of logistics and consultation of heavy duty Insulated Bearings to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction. Our customer support staff is ready to assist and provide the required consultation round the clock.